I was on you side and I can't believe that it's coming
Back to haunt me. You were on that side too and I
Can't, no I can't go back and save you. Why didn't you
Do as you were told? Why didn't you just go home?
And what you got in the bag? Non-recognition is the
Way to keep everything you want to hide. You stay on
That side now 'cause I won't, no I won't go back and
Bail you out. Closer to the thing we had before. And
What you got in the bag? You were closer than you
Thought. Closer than you thought you'd get. Don't you
Worry that pretty head now. Never thought that's
What you'd get. Non-recognition is the... Why didn't
You do as you were told? Why didn't you just go
Home? Now you're never coming back. You were
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Pizza Cutter Lyrics

Letters To Cleo – Pizza Cutter Lyrics