Youґre working your ass off, youґre trying to survive
Youґre using all of your skills but itґs not enough to pay your bills
That makes you so worried and you canґt sleep at night
And must wake up 5 in the morning to give your sweat and sell out your life

Your share is not right
You have nothing left, you have no life
You canґt have your slice
'Cause someone is eating the whole pie

(Every time I see them driving their expensive cars or when
Iґm passing by their fancy houses and realize that Iґm contributing
For their for their prosperity, I get so pissed off... Iґm not looking for luxury,
But I deserve something better. I canґt take this anymore
And I have a plan, something to do with revolt and gasoline)

Kill the rich, youґre just a victim in this world of greed
Kill the rich, youґre just cheap labour and your blood they leech
Kill the rich, they give you dreams but never let you succeed
Kill the rich, kill the rich if you want to be free.
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Kill The Rich Lyrics

Let Me Out – Kill The Rich Lyrics