Album : Goodbye blue and white (2002) I could see it was a rough cut Tuesday slow motion weekdays stare me down there were no defects to be found her lipstick reflex got me wound Thursday morning was a hot flash factor snap shot and it froze without a sound test strip proof sheet love is hard to find her face still focused in my mind Friday night we danced the spotlight grind stop time heart for me if she's not mine Chorus: freeze frame, freeze frame Freeze frame, freeze frame freeze frame, freeze frame freeze frame, I freeze, yeah Now I'm looking at a flashback Sunday close up, dark room, sweet talk in my ear zoom lens feeling just won't disappear her hot spot love for me is strong this freeze frame moment can't be wrong Can't be wrong (Chorus) (Chorus) Freeze frame, oh yeah I freeze, you freeze freeze frame, yeah Freeze frame, yeah freeze frame, yeah I freeze, you freeze (x2) freeze frame, yeah freeze frame
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Freeze Frame Lyrics

Less Than Jake – Freeze Frame Lyrics

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