Dive like a swan in a pond, as the train rolls in. Close your eyes,
Hold your breath - , you'll be holding it forever. There are methods, many
Methods - take a pill. Swallow one by one. It's easy, it's so easy - you
Can drift away to heaven. Many methods, there are methods - like a blade
On the wrist you can carve your initials. It's messy, but it's effective -
And a method. Another method... Select and slip away. Tightropes, and
Nightshades and shady streets where knives are swinging (methods!) swing,
Swing away on a rope - it's a method. Another method.... Airports,
Motorways - take a dive, take a dive... Methods. Methods. . Just select and
Slip away (x3) Methods. Just select and slip away... Methods.
Methods.... Just select and slip away. Take alive, take a life, take a
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Methods Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Methods Lyrics