Dance for me.
He calls out from the fence, but we just shake a little.
Fall for me.
We fall and make ammends with holy Marys.
I can't look you in the eye, your heel is pressing hard upon my head.
You terrify me truly, petrify me half to death.
You're telling me that you feel mysterious today.
Walk with me, or might I walk with you? What does it take?
Be with me.
I can still remember feeling weightless, feeling free.
I could dance without a hundred fingers pointing,
where the laughs were never mean.
And I know there's something out there.
And I know I'm gonna get there.
Come to me.
Come to me.
You'll offer me your hand.
Please offer me your hand.
Don't you be mysterious today.
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Lucifer Landed Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Lucifer Landed Lyrics