Oh, oh, oh

Livin' in a cold, cold world
Sometimes it gets hard and you feel like
You can't make it out

When I was just a little girl
My momma told me don't you worry
Hold your head
And wear a smile

'Cause you're gonna have days
When you feel like things ain't goin' your way
Just take a moment
And pray

Where would I be? (I don't know)
Where would I be?
Where would I be?
If you ain't never heard a prayer from me?

What would I do?
What would I do?
What would I do
If I didn't have you to be there for me?

And I'm so thankful for
All the things you've done
Showing me right from wrong
And cleansing my soul

When all my friends turned their back on me
You made me see
You're the only one I need

[Chorus: x2]

Way in the midnight hour
I called your name
'Cause I knew you were watchin' over me
And I don't know just where I'd be
If somebody never said a prayer for me

And I thank you, Lord
Where would I be without you?
And what would I do?
I just want to thank you, Lord
For never leaving my side
Through my trials
And all my tribulations

You stayed beside me
And I thank you

I just want to thank you, Lord
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Prayer Lyrics

Leela James – Prayer Lyrics

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