Check it
Look at me I'm all the way turnt up
I ain't smoking my homie in here burnt up
Yea I'm working on him
But he strait though
Couple girls trying to twerk on me
Wait no, no
Hold up
Before you even roll up
I'm in here with my lady can't you see me man I'm sowed up man I'm in here trying to celebrate a birthday
Man you know it good and well it's a work day
No mater we still gonna kick it
Man we ain't getting trippy no moly in my sippie
Ain't fightin nobody and nobody say we trippin it's south east dega with a buildin
Shout out to Peter Pan, skyline, perio
Man I'm just tryin to function holla if you with it though
Probably think I'm Rollin I'm just high on the spirit bro
The only thing we poppin is the truth
Y'all don't hear me though
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I'm Turnt Lyrics

Lecrae – I'm Turnt Lyrics

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