I'm afraid to feel happy
I'm afraid to lean on you
And It doesn't seem to matter
The more I see in you
Maybe it would feel better
If you weren't so precious to lose
I'm afraid to feel happy
I'm so used to feeling blue.

I'm afraid to feel magic
I'm afraid to lose my way
Surrender to a sweet panic
Of slowly rolling waves
Oh what if they take me
So deep over my head
I'm afraid to feel magic
I've got loneliness instead

I can't explain it
How I got so far away from here
It's a strange enough battle
Between my heart and my head
If you knew the damage
That I've untangled but never could straighten
What I can manage isn't the same isn't the same

Wouldn't it be modern
If I could take a plane to you
Oh if it could be that easy
That's just what I would do
But I'm barely walking
And it could take awhile or two
I hope that you won't mind it
By foot will have to do

Oh, I want to feel happy
On my way to you
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Feel Happy Lyrics

Laura MacLean – Feel Happy Lyrics