This too will pass
What you feel inside won't last
I know how you're feeling
I've been there before
He broke your heart
And left you crying
All the while
He was lying

Gave him your body
Gave him your soul
Gave him your mind
And you're sick cause you're told for nothing
But the worst is over now

Mmmmm... Hey... Whoa

Seems there's no end
To what you're feeling
Inside you're screaming
He's no good for you
Baby you know it
Says he loves you but he can't show it
Is this really what you want yeah

Gave him your body
Gave him you soul
Gave him your mind
And your sick when you're told for nothing baby
Mmmm, but the worst is over now

Yea, hmm, hmm

Instead of loving somebody
You know is bad for you
Try walking away
There ain't nothing you can do
You'll keep on walking he'll keep on talking
You round again
This time you've got to leave him behind
You said goodbye
And that means
The worst is over now
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Worst Is Over Lyrics

Laura Izibor – Worst Is Over Lyrics

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