This van our van is getting way too small
I can't find a good place in here to fall
Help me help you answer the call
Stay true to why we started it at all

This is the part of me I wish you could not see
This is the hardest part of life on the big screen
I'm not, we're not who you want us to be
Stop, stop stop, stop stop looking at me

Tonight I wish I was alone
Highway 76
I'd feel better about myself
Not watching over you
This is the life I choose
Don't let me off on an excuse
You follow me, I'll follow you

I can't believe can't believe how long it's been
Since we sold everything and left our friends
Do you know, do you know
I would never change anything

For all the promises
(We didn't keep)
For all the finish lines
(We didn't reach)
Somehow, someway
I know we'll make it
Become what we believe

Who's to say it's not the end
Our final record, final breath
With one last day is that all you would say?
I'm so afraid of living
When I'm unaware and unprepared
There's so much left to say
But when we stand before the Son of Man
Will we hang our heads, will He understand?
When it's all been said and done
Was our race well run?

Tonight I wish I was with you
Tonight I'm headed home
Ready for another day,
To become what I believe,
This is the life I choose
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Become What You Believe Lyrics

Last Tuesday – Become What You Believe Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVEN JOE GEE
Become What You Believe lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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