Great - everything is going great
Now we hurry up and wait
the whole world shudders every time we sneeze
and faith
led us here then it led us away
and we lie everyday
and I've never seen an ocean

Don't forget your bills in April
to pay for the wars and the tragedies and all the pretty new things

Lord, please give me a sign

So give - while everyone is on the take
the money sealed our fate
A nation built on blood and bribery and hate
Everyone left in the wake
These are the monsters we create
and then we drown them in the ocean

But don't forget to live this summer
Cause Hollywood is buzzing about
all its pretty new things

Lord, please give me a sign

I awoke to the death of my generation
we are bleeding through and through

Don't forget the love He gave us
cause we could change this world
into a pretty new thing

Lord, please give me a sign
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Pretty New Things Lyrics

Last Conservative – Pretty New Things Lyrics