Verse 1
Everybody, and the way they look at me
Like I'm some kind of rebel
What do they know about my life
And the world I'm living
You know that people, are allowed their freedom, and identity
Don't let 'em tie you to the railings of conformity

Rise up from the ways
(Rise up from the ways)
To a higher place
(To a higher place)
See the skies above
(See the skies above)
What was once beloved!

Verse 2
Take me to the angels, see what the good book says
Take me to the farmers, for the good lands sake
Take me to the land where a woman can be who she can
Is there anything left to die for
Prophets and Martyrs, I heard it all before
Is there anything left to believe in anymore?


Verse 3
In the city, the melody can get so low
In the city, the people seem to walk so slow
Just remember, there's a place inside, we all need to go


(Take me to a higher place)
(Take me to the land where a woman can be who she can)
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Once Beloved Lyrics

Lara Rose – Once Beloved Lyrics

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