It's a mystery for the old Thin Man
How did Jack get in the box?
A riddle for the hatter here,
What kind of lock never unlocks?
& here my dusk bespoke of dawn
Eternity forever gone
The same that the dodo did
To the buyer with the highest bid
Sold, to the rider on the Pale Horse there,
Hover in our atmosphere
Right beside those Valkyries
Who laugh at those upon their knees
Trading seagulls for the eagles
Passing camels through the needles
The gun is loaded the curtains drawn
& I'm dancing on this Lake of Swans

Hey Tchaikovsky did they defile,
Your Odette with their Odile?
They cut the legs on which we stand,
Perfection of the trembling hand

A Sea Change for the deep and blue
A Turning of Tide another turn of the screw
I've run aground and I'm on the coast
& I'm bound to give up the ghost
Loose the knot and slip the reaper
Am I not my brothers keeper?
My Nash equilibrium
Jump the shark now jump the gun
Lay down your kalashnikov's
My brothers Karamazov

Dostoevsky help me out,
My Alyoshka has his doubts
Resurrect the son of man
Perfection of the trembling hand
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Perfection Of The Trembling Hand Lyrics

Landon L Rogers – Perfection Of The Trembling Hand Lyrics