You want a girl who does what's right
The kind that's always there beside you
Someone who's quiet and polite
Likes staying home on every Friday night
Well all that sounds so cute and sweet
But that doesn't do a thing for me

I'm really not that boring
I'm headstrong and annoying
So I don't see me fitting in your world
I'm noisy and I'm messy
Cause you would never get me
Hey, I think you're really hot
But I'm not your girl

You're into good and that's too bad
So save your flowers and your poetry
You take a hint, I'll take a cab
You go to bed, I'll find a party
Typical is what you're after
Not some beautiful disaster


That you've been looking for
Boy I'm not the girl next door
Be happy that I'm letting you off easy
Oh yeah


(I'm not your girl)
I'm not your girl
(I'm not your girl)
I'm not your girl
(I'm not your girl)
I'm not your girl
(I'm not your girl)
(I'm not your girl)
No no no
I'm not
(I'm not your girl)
Boy you need to see I'm not your girl
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I'm Not Your Girl Lyrics

Lalaine – I'm Not Your Girl Lyrics

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