In a chalk dotted line
Draw a kid, left behind
Severed limbs in harmony

Strumming from a few good deeds
Carry it to survive
To a bed half alive

Held before a dozen times
Deep inside a funeral for a friendâ?¦
Runs in portions like film clips

Run, run
Rundown the list
The memoirist

Like kindling
Burn, burn, burn, and burn down
I will stay inside

The saved
It's a good mourning
They will ignite you (soon)

The doomed
I will write for you
Of a boy, damaged goods

Of a bench, understood
For a spell, the soul resides
In a yellow chalk outline

Carry on the camel's back
Have another heart attack
To the cure I would drive

Played that scene a hundred times to date
Today's ambition, to relate
In a sustaining saccharine state

Impart the burden and get well
It's what everyone's trying to sell
Anything you want it to be

Weigh the screenplay and revise
Warp, warp, warp with the contortionist
So hopelessly ill-fated everyday

He will stay inside
The doomed
It's a good mourning to loom

They will inspire him
The saved Innocently filling graves
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The Contortionist Lyrics

Lagwagon – The Contortionist Lyrics