Labors of commitment Blood of his arms A growing sense of duty
But in his song he's screaming out Insuficient - he just falls further
Behind Principles, purpose, tradition, time Weigh heavy on this guilty
Mind Wits astray Blind in rage, awar he'll wage on grieving
Another no one hanging from the ceiling Because only the extreme
Makes an impression When drowning in the mainstream
One at the mercy of another's faith finally answers to no one in his
From grace They say they love him but how could they ever
Miles above him they ask for repent It doesn't matter what you want
From me
Don't think there's worth in my apology Because people never really
You and I will always be the same and it's a problem that we can't
Mend because
It happened once it will happen again Because they plant their seeds
Of condition
Until we have no choice, we lose conviction wits astray Blind in rage
A war he'll
Wage on grieving Another no one blows his head off Because only the
Makes an impression when drowning in the mainstream no one
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No One Lyrics

Lagwagon – No One Lyrics