Oh so you're the chosen one
The one they run to in turmoil
You'll find your disguise is working against your demise.

Why would I partake in this?
Why take part in this fiction?

Possessed, Contribution

Based your life around an illusion.

I'll never bow down to a faulty figure

It's not a moved just a small she'd of light

And when the time has comedemons have sprung you will run for your life.

The mountains come crashing down
The buildings come caving in
These green trees been churned black
Denied on your day of acceptation
Where the fuck will you go then?

Tell me that I've done Everything I have to
I am the victim of the sun
I will never run
I will stand strong

I'll take my wrong doings and strive

Get on with my life

Consequences are nothing

And when the denial comes I'll deny you of your conscience

I will deny you of your fucking conscience

I will deny you of your fucking day.

I need some reconcile
I've suffered through life and death
I need some vital signs
Why can you pick a side?
Been dreading this all my life
Why can't you pick a fucking side.

Don't take another step this way.
You've stripped me of everything I did
How could you? You're now just another mistake to me

Everything I did to nothing
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Facesplitter Lyrics

Lady Musgrave – Facesplitter Lyrics

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