1ST verse:
You gave up your heart, your life, your mind
Tryin' to be satisfied (satisfied yeah)
Scared to be alone
But you stay anyway (to remind me)
Yet all you do is cry

You're abused (you're abused)
You feel used (used)
Why you choose
To stay?
In such a bad relationship no, no
You deserve better
I can learn from you
You'll remind me

Just in case I forget
You're there to remind me
Your struggles, your pain
Your hurt, your strain
You're there to remind me
We all deserve better
I know I've got to love myself
You're there to remind me
All your tears, your shame
I sing this in your name
You're there to remind me
Remind me

2ND verse:
Now the first thing you've gotta see (see)
You've lost your self-esteem (self-esteem yeah)
Don't let nobody make you feel like nothing
When God says you are everything, yeah

You're neglected
But today's your day
One can only do what you let em'
(You deserve better)
Pack your bags, don't look back
It's the only way, I
Wanna learn from you


You're there
There to remind me
There to remind (remind)
We all deserve better (better)
I know it's hard sometimes (ooh yeah)
You need to see you're special
Don't let nobody hold you down (hold you down, yeah)
Always there to remind me (you deserve better)

We all deserve better

Chorus (repeat)

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There 2 Remind Me Lyrics