I got a job, but my bank account is low
My girl left like my cash, cause I like my beer to flow
She told me "one day boy you're gonna wind up drunk and broke"
And I looked at her and said "well any other life's a joke"

I just said "goodbye" packed my things and hit the door
I jumped into my truck, and headed to the liquor store
A bottle of jack, a case of pearl and a pack of cigarettes
And I tell you right now brother, I hauled ass with no regrets

Come on radio, play me one more song
I got a beer, a shot, a memory to be gone
Help me to forget her, one more time tonight
I'm gonna drown her out and make everything alright, yeah, yeah

The beers gone, the whiskey too and I hadnt got that far
I decided it was best, for me to head into a bar
I just wanted to drink alone and everybody to stay away
Until that little beauty came and put her hand down on my leg

She told me her name was grace, she was the prettiest thing in sight
But just right then I saw a man, and he was lookin for a fight
Well he came right on over, knocked my beer down to the floor
I said "hey man, I don't want no trouble, I'm gonna head on to the door"
Well he grabbed my shirt and he picked me up and he threw an evil right
But I ducked and grabbed a liquor bottle and swung with all my might

Come on radio, play me one more song
I'm cuffed up with this sheriff, for doin somethin wrong
If you could just help me, one more time tonight
I'll get out of this mess and make everything alright, yeah, yeah

Well I turned to leave and the place got still, I didn't hear a sound
And I looked in all sorts of disbelief, to a dead man on the ground

Farewell radio, youve been so good to me
I'm locked up in this cell and wont ever be free
Friend I'm gonna go now, the juice will be just fine
Well I got drunk and killed a man now I have to do my time, yeah, yeah
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Come On Radio Lyrics

Kyle Bennett Band – Come On Radio Lyrics