Said I can't wait to get home
I jump on the I95 at a quarter to 9 passed the construction zone
I'm tyna get home to you
It's rush hour I
Just past the towers I
Jump in the shower now
Cause I'm ready to go in and out

Feel my hands against your thighs
Watch my nature as it rise
Down I'll go baby fast or slow
I'll take my time I'll do it right
No matter if it takes all night

[Chorus x2:]
Hands on teh bed, feet on the floor
Silently your moaning, but your body's screaming more
Lights out, candles lit
Your legs are steady shakin'
The headboard we'll be breakin'

Now I'm gettin deeper inch by inch
I'm loving the way you move
Your moaning it sounds so good
While I'm deep inside of you
Lately I've been fienin for this
Been fienin for your kiss
Come on and ride all day and night
Baby on top of me ohh

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2:]
Down, down, down(wanna)
Said I wanna go down (wanna)
Said I wanna go down (wanna)
I wanna do down



[Chorus x2]
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Lights Out, Candles Lit Lyrics

Kwiet Storm – Lights Out, Candles Lit Lyrics