Take all strength
Purify my faith

Take all strength
Try to do the best
Kill your stress
Let it be a fairytale
Realize your success
Change a situation
And nobody will be against

Take all strength
Purify my faith

Every one whispers to your ear
But you don't listen to
Baby, you are not a loser
Carry on doing your thing

Higher than skyscrapers rise
Follow your American dream
Through the air to the universe
See the ups and falls

You gotta recognize
What you're setting up
It's already more than Grammy
Let it be last time

Show that you deserve
No better deal than yours
You are already obsessed over success
Send new challenge to your fate

Maybe you will fail
But try once again
It's not a dead end
Let em say

You killed our stereotypes
Your business picks up
Break all barriers
We must develop next line

Even when your patience became grains
And you feel like candle in the wind
Close eyelids, get your freedom
Only puppets weep crocodile tears


All doors in front of you have to be opened
Fulfill yuor dearest wish
Offended but will never give up
I'm alone against war inside

Show your opinion
If everyone forgot my idea
Name me stubborn
Actually my desire will be granted

Listen how my heart stops
I will never give up trying
Water our road with blood
I'll get another prize

Caz we lost so much
I'm a last soldier
And my army needs a revanche
We gonna give place to none

That's why don't know limitation size
As we are young
I stick to my colors
And never look behind

We were blessed by supreme force
But luck is a flashing light
Find new way to survive
Our aim is naпve and blind


I wanna express my emotions
It's a moment to grind
I can give happiness
And you relieve my cry

Nothing inspires me
See how I'm divided in half
Feel my sixth sense
The dream is still alive

That's not a hyperbole
Just real life
I'm a small stone in a big globe
But was chosen to fight

All within your vigor
Touch the height
When you're at the bottom
Prove that you're smarter

Never ask doom
Do I deserve it?
Hell, yeah, go ahead
My tape is not a mistake

Am I getting off?
I do it exactly
Without any question
Stop checking my frame

I take care of bygones
And don't explain away
Notice my offence actions
I won't it negate

Stand to your guns
Nobody is perfect

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Take All Strength Lyrics

Ksysenka – Take All Strength Lyrics