I came like a loser into this life
I can't explain it, cause I still don't know why
I never followed the rules of the game
I won't deny it, to me it all seems the same
And now it's time for me to see
That life never comes with any guaranties

Always felt like a user when I took what you gave
I tried to hide it, it never became the same
But I kept on going while the others turned
I tried to fight it, but I got burned
It's hard for me to finally see
The end is near, but after this I'm free

Where I'm going
You can't follow
But know I'll be waiting for you
Forever and a day

It won't be long now soon I must say goodbye
Can you see it, the fair in my eye?
How I wish I could stay here with you
I've tried to fight it, there's nothing more I can do
I know it's too late, but now I see
That life never comes with any guaranties

Where I'm headed
I won't be hollow
I will forever feel the same
My love for you will remain
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Where I'm Going Lyrics

Kristian Valen – Where I'm Going Lyrics