Came to a land where the morning don't wait for the break of day
Nighttime comes as a surprise
Picked myself up, took myself far, far away
Far away from a big hearted man who looks into my eyes, says
Won't you take this love from me?
Don't you leave it here filling up my hands
Won't you just take it along with you?
Let it just remind you where you stand
Don't you ever want to know just where you stand?
Don't you really want to know?
But I got something in me that keeps me on the go
It keeps me going, going, going, keeps me gone
I got something in me that keeps me on an unfamiliar street
Running up to strangers, tugging at their coat and saying
Won't you break this heart for me?
Don't you leave it here smooth and shiny just filling up my throat
Won't you just make a little crack for me?
Maybe something could get in, something could get out
If something could get in, maybe something could get out
I guess we're all the same, we walk our days looking for a little more fire
We all sometimes have to sit on our hands
Try to hold ourselves together, try to talk about the weather
When all we really want to do is take each other by the throat and say
Won't you dream my dream with me?
Don't you leave it here drying on my pillow
Won't you just soak a little up for me?
Give it just a safe place to go
It just needs a little safe place to go
Needs a little safe place
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Moscow Song Lyrics

Kris Delmhorst – Moscow Song Lyrics