When I woke up today
I felt so out of place
Like I was from outer space
I didn't know a single face
Guess I must be trippin'
Trippin' trippin' trippin' trippin'

I felt like I was on mars
Got people in my garage
I thought it was a dream
Or at least a fuckin mirage
But yo I cant believe these dumb asses still here
Lookin' pass me like I'm headed to town with camouflage gear
Who knows the feel that I feelin' who's been in my shoes
Have the party at your house
Now you're singin' the blues
A bunch of people from the club still on the up and up
Yo I must be trippin' shits about to get ruff

Ruff n tuff ?????? ??? its the backyard bandit
Come through smashin' the slam dance fashion
DGAF and they're laughin' out loud
'Cuz to me mic means move the crowd
But for now
I need to put the mic down
Put the mic down put the put the mic down
'Cuz Im trippin' like dirtball in a mushroom cloud
So I'm down extra special ????? breakin' down

When I woke up today
I felt so out of place
Like I was from outer space
I didn't know a single face
Guess I must be trippin'
In a purple haze psychedelic sunshine dreams
Rainbow colored streams
Chocolate stained ice cream on me
Guess I must be trippin'

Wakin' up from a nap havin' bad dreams
Trippin' on my ass with the ganja green
I see people all around tryin' kill me
So why do I think these things are in my sleep
Like fallin' from the sky and runnin' from police
What the ???say shit knee before you z???
What'd I say yo there's demons in my sheets
Oooh scary when you're havin' bad dreams
Now my pillows gettin' wet and I'm starting to sweat
Get out of bed and go see whats next
To the sink so I can wash my face
Look in the mirror because I'm feelin' dazed
Now my skins feelin' fake and its trippin' me out
So I take a bubble bath relax and lay down
Out of the bath head straight to the couch
Open the house and turn the TV on


Hot damn loc what am I to do
Trying wake up but my eyes are like glue
Stuck shut just for luck? I got to pry them open
Broke out my flame thrower now my joints really smokin'
Stepped out my bed landed right in some quicksand
Sinkin' and I'm thinkin' just as fast as I can
Shazam my hand lashed on to the bedpost
I rose like a ghost to the indo smoke

I remember this one time when I was trippin' balls
And I had my window open started hearin' dogs bark
But I understood what the fuck they was speakin'
It sounded like words to me what was I thinkin'
Wheres my mind at is it still in my head
Am I even still alive or am I suddenly dead
I pinched my arm to find out if this is real or a dream
I was in bed was sleepin' I was just fifteen


Trippin' trippin' trippin' trippin'
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Trippin Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Trippin Lyrics