If you don't stand, stand up for something
Then you will fall, you'll fall for anything, yeah

Life's kinda funny man
Little crush you hear like this beer can
You'll stop your soul and watch you blow away, yeah
I know you've heard all this before
So I'll save your ears from gettin' bored
I'll tell you this man, I don't roll that way, no way
I take the bull straight by the horns
I grab the rose and I cut the thorns
'Cause I was born to roll tight to my dyin' days, yeah
They wanna see us suffer man
Wanna smack you down with their pimp hand
They will make you dance and tax you 'til your grave
But I'm not a slave

If you don't stand, stand up for something
Then you will fall, you'll fall for anything
You got to stand, stand up for something
Or you will fall, you'll fall for anything yeah

Now this one goes out to all my brothers n' sisters'
No matter if your home, locked up, or unlisted
Use your voice, use your mind and your soul
To make a change in this world for the good of us all
But choose your battles, you gotta choose em wisely
You gotta pick your wars, the ones that are worth fighting
'Cause its kill or killed in society today
If you don't stand for what you want
Then it gets swept away,
By the big companies and ...?... monopolies
Or our government that picks on is people on the streets
We need to speak, use our freedom of speech
If you believe in what you preach
Hey now well then preach
Let them know what you think, let them know where you stand
And if you feel it in your gut then stand like a man, stand
Total proud stand for those who cant
Get up and take a stand til you MAKE em' understand


Stand up and stay true, you gotta always be you
No time for blinks you gotta do what you do
Know what you what, who care what who think
Born to be a leader, watch you follow my lead
Raised by a tough man, teached me well
Taught me believe in myself and good health
Work hard, be strong, and dedicate yourself
Make wise decisions and invest your wealth
So I stand, like a man, with my family, for something yeahh

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Stand Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Stand Lyrics