How could you make right look wrong?
And wrong look right?
And right look wrong?
When your rights are gone
Your rights are gone
Your rights are gone
Your rights are gone
Your rights

What you gonna do when your backs against the wall?
Are you gonna lay down on the ground? Or be a man and stand up tall?
Seeking for a reason Always searching for the truth
You gotta fight, fight, fight! Cause we are the angry youth.

I'm broke with no money trying to make some ends
Thinking about the situation how I'm gonna win
Be at the top of my game and have a little bit of cash
Nice court, nice house, fine wife with an ass
Angry youth pissed off at the government
It feels like punishment,They run from it
Dipping tripping trying to stay high
Laughing, joking just to get by

Youth, What you think he youth is just gonna back off? Angry Youth
With your blatant lies, and your crooked views. Youth
Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Angry Youth
Time change, game over that's it your through. Youth
Moving in like a bulldozer I'm plowing. Angry Youth
It's what we want, not what you're allowing. Youth
We're all grown up now, the rules have changed. Angry Youth
It's time to interrupt this whole world game.

[Chorus: x 2]

In the world day to day, I'm tired
When I feel alive, I'm a live wire
Rub out the fire, of another soul I get higher
And if I had it all my way, today, I'd fucking retire
From the life they created, people chasing ends
Shitting on they friends for a Mercedes Benz
Old rims, New Tims, get caught, life ends, what then? What then!?

What then, what why, what where, what how?
Lets say and flip this whole script on ya Now.
Would you still be chasing, paper chasing, making enemies?
Stop just once, think twice, don't front, ugh.

I play to win, stay away from all the bustas
Live my life, people say that I'm a hustler
Just get high, relax what offer could be better, figure it out or you're gonna be screwed

[Chorus: x 2]

Youth, When punk rock came around. Angry Youth
Was born this rebel sound. Youth
The fuck you attitude. Angry Youth
No lies we want the truth. Youth
Then hip hop hit the stage. Angry Youth
Police spit on their badge. Youth
Respond the bastard sound. Angry Youth
The Kottonmouth Kingdom.

Smoked out loced out, what's my name? D-Loc!
Representing? Kottonmouth Kings!
Stay down for my crown Yea, yeah!
Now put your hands in the air, Yea!
Right now, who's down to ride? We ride, we ride!
Who's down to blaze? We blaze, we blaze!
How much you smoke? How much you got?
An ounce a day! Not a little bit a lot!

[Chorus: x 4]
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Angry Youth Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Angry Youth Lyrics