[Kool Keith]
The date - summer, August 25th
You was transferred from Riker's Island to Attica State Prison
Gina, Thompson
I told you you shouldn'ta went out there with those other girls

And stole a coach bag out of Macy's
Arguin with me every night, you was crazy
Callin your grandmother sayin I beat you, you think I'm mental & crazy
That Benz you pulled up you stole you didn't faze me

You had a nice body with bikers
Inmates and female C.O.'s was lookin at your body at Riker's
I took time to write you a letter
But you wanted me to put dope in your sweater

I thought you was sick, with the flu, did you get any better?
Did you write back your Auntie Trineta? Floss and don't pay
Jack say he seen you with a drug dealer that day
You would of been better off takin the subway

My girl's in jail for life, never comin home - never comin home
She got to pay the price

[Kool Keith]
You got too big in New York
You needed big hustlers around everywhere you walk
A lot of Cristal, fake ballers poppin corks
Now you in a two-inch cell, eatin eggs and pork

Friday the 13th, your birthday, the worst day
I still had love for your dumb ass anyway
Bentley's and Rolls Royces
The answering machine filled up with mysterious voices

Your moms Ms. Jones called, I was in the mall, she said,
"Keith - Tina and Terry got them fake credit cards.
They got my daughter out there - I ain't seen Gina in two weeks."
I hung up the phone

I knew you was workin with some bronze pimp in the streets
(pimp in the streets.. pimp in the streets)


[Kool Keith]
I called the operator to block the calls and stop the calls
The ceiling in my apartment was leakin like Niagara Falls
Sendin you a bunch of money, clothes and munchin money
You got a lot of phone call threats from a girl named Sunny

I seen the chick from the back
Puerto Rican girl with a nice ass drivin a black Cadillac
With a guy with long sideburns, is that your mack?
(is that your mack.. is that your mack)

[Chorus: x2]
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Girls In Jail Lyrics

Kool Keith – Girls In Jail Lyrics

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