It's not like she was just the next one I was stuck on
Falling this hard ain't just for fun you know
I'd be frantic and defenseless whenever she'd glance my way
Never knew I'd build the courage up to pray

I surrender, I surrender
Maybe she'll walk with a better man
Or hit me like a boomerang
Either way, I surrender

Guess I can go on and on about the coolest girl I've met
But I'll have missed the point entirely, making room for more regret
So take it as the second verse being the same as the first
I'm just waiting till the part where I can say*

Unwrap the fingers of this tight little fist
I'm letting go for the One who never lets me go

Cause I surrender, I surrender
If anything she'll be my friend
Unless she hits like a boomerang
Even still, I surrender
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If Anything Lyrics

Koo Chung – If Anything Lyrics