Struggle on day by day to live my life in peace
Convicted to do what's right and turn the other cheek
Judged for living my own way and this will never cease
Your ignorance will not prevail
Cast down your future's bleak

I cannot be deterred
No matter what you do
Your torment will not be heard
I will forever say
Fuck you

Brandishing your hate like a sabre
Trying to intimidate
Try to force a reaction but I will refuse
Your whole existance
Setting out to destroy what we create
But we'll hold on, I won't crack, I won't lose

I will forever say fuck you
Can't split this spirit from my soul
I will forever say fuck you
Pain's all that you're owed

Fighting to keep my sanity
In a world of decayed humanity
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Unbreakable Lyrics

Knuckledust – Unbreakable Lyrics