Yo! This is what happened
Yo! I woke up late it was like 10 in the mornin
I was still half asleep and sleepy eyed, still yawnin'
I checked my voice mail to see who'd been callin
I turned on my computer
Checked my email logged on it
junk mail, junk mail dog-on-it
Everybody just tryin to sell me they product
But there was one email that cought my optic
It said suicidal, took the mouse and clicked onit
She said,"Dear KJ, you don't know who I am,
you probably don't care 'cause I'm just another fan
I doubt you ever read this, now but if you can
Sometimes I slash my wrists and even cut my hands
And I feel all alone like nobody understands
And I'm gonna end it tonight I got the whole thing planned
Pop pills, leave a note on my night stand
Signed sincerly, Your Number One Fan

Can someone now please help me?
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#1 Fan Lyrics

Kj-52 – #1 Fan Lyrics