Draw me something, draw a line
Connecting what we did to what happens now.
I don't understand how we changed
Not sure I'll ever know.

It's all circles, colliding spheres,
I closed off, chaos appears.

Once we were all smiles and plans,
And dressing up to go
Playing outside playing cars,
Now it's all been tamed I yell.

Don't stop. Don't leave me here.
Don't stop. Won't get caught again.
You can't go. There's no sense anymore.

A tap of tears and a veil of guilt taunt me now.
Growing growing growing gone,
Years pick up speed again.

Throw me pointers, no more jibes.
There's this ancient knot inside my chest,
It works its way into my throat,
Will not let these stories out.

Refusal works it always wins,
Too much thought, too few grins.

Free you say, free to roam,
but down below Father, Mother, always guiding,
pointing out a world I refuse to know.

Don't stop. Don't stop, say it's all OK.
You say, "Where's the ache of freedom?
Where's the devil's whispers?
This is the sweetest pain, run and run.
Jump up as far as you can,
shake your head and breathe."

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What Happens Now? Lyrics

Kitchens Of Distinction – What Happens Now? Lyrics

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