I gotta reputation,
People know who I am.
Rules are made to be broken,
Can't kill what you don't understand.
I see you runnin' scared,
I never knew you cared.
Go and hide yourself in the sand.
Been to hell and back.
I survived and that's a fact.
It's my life.
And I'll do what I wanna
Do what I wanna,
Do what I like.
It's my life
And I'll do what I wanna,
Do what I wanna - do.
My New Year's resolution,
Is a always the same.
Gonna do what I like,
We're gonna do what I want,
Cause it's just my way,
I don't live for tomorrow,
Cause at the end of the day.
Gonna shout it, from the roof.
Betta face up to the truth.
(Chorus)(Repeat twice)
Ooh yeah!
Don't need a invitation,
I don't play hard-to-get.
Well I'm fame they claim,
I can't be tamed.
Ya know it doesn't matter.
I swear if I like,
I wear what I want.
(Chorus) (Repeat five times)
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It's My Life (original Version) Lyrics

Kiss – It's My Life (original Version) Lyrics