Isn’t it strange meeting you hereTwo old friendsJust sitting down quietly drinking a beerBut knowing your past the way that I doAfter all this time I’m surprisedYou’d even come to this rendezvousThey say you went and moved across the borderSo it’s hard to believeThat you’re sitting here with me tonightI know you’re on the run, you shouldn’t be hereBut do you feel the fearWhen you meet an old friend and the enemy’s nearIt’s strange we always go to church on sundaysAfter getting right out of it on a saturday nightAnd if we stay here too long, I know that we’ll quarrelAnd end up having a fightJust a couple of losers putting the world to rightJust two people having a beerBut on either side there is so much angerAnd so much fearJust two people trying to get byBut we’re torn apartBecause of different pressuresFrom different sidesI hear you’re on the run from law and orderBut you had to show up’cos you knew it was a matter of prideBut beliefs aside, religion apartDid you ever think about all the suffering you causedAnd all the broken hearts? The word is out that you are the informerWho gave me away without so much as a fightSo be a good friendAnd let me take you quietly without a fightI’ll be the one who’sGonna take you home tonightI’ll be the one who’sGonna take you home tonight
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The Informer Lyrics

Kinks – The Informer Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
The Informer lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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