Everybody got something hiddenIn a darkness deep insideEverybody gotta fatal flawEverybody got something to hideTake a look into my eyesSee the fear and silent cries - phobiaDeep inside, take another look at it - phobiaEverybody got a phobiaTake another look, what you got - phobiaThere are alleyways of your psycheThat have gotta be analyzedPsychological penetrationOf the fear you cannot hideThere’s a key to a door to be openedAnd I wanna take a look insideAnd in the darkest shadow of your mindWhat you gonna find? PhobiaOut under a technicolor rayIt all disappears on a bright, sunny dayBut even on a crowded streetSomebody you might meetMight trigger a repeat of phobiaStrikes again, fear of fire and being buried aliveDizzy heights, wire coat hangersThings that crawl and go bump in the night - phobiaFear of germsCreepy crawlies that make you squirm - phobiaImages of long ago, memories that you hardly knowA minor childhood incidentTriggering something deep belowSpiders’ webs and black catsCockroaches and sewer ratsFull moons and witches hatsCreepy crawlies, vampire bats - phobiaI’m talking about phobiaCrowded rooms, too many facesSuffocation, open spacesEverybody gotta weird sensationThat they wanna keep trapped insideMaybe it’s a sexual deviationHiding beneath a respectable guiseIf you are of this persuasionThere is just one explanation - phobiaStarted out a long time ago - phobiaWhen you were small you may have seen a sightBut you were too young to know - phobiaWhat you got - phobiaEverybody got phobia, what you got - phobiaEverybody got phobia, take another look, what you got? Everybody got phobia, what you got? Phobia
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Phobia Lyrics

Kinks – Phobia Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Phobia lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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