Scene: flash is on the run and he goes to belle for help.He sings this song with belle.Flash: when we were young and greenWe shared our dreams together,And you were my friend.Belle: we had our good times pal,We thought they’d last forever.But nothing lasts forever,Nothing lasts forever.Time goes by and people changeIt’s best we go our separate waysAnd it was wrong to think our love would never endMy friendNothing lasts forever,Nothing lasts forever.Time goes by it takes us all,Nations crumble and empires fallAnd who are weTo think that we would always be,You see nothing lasts forever,Nothing lasts forever.Flash: I know that you’ll surviveAnd you’ll get by whatever.Though you say goodbye.My love will never die,It will last forever.Your love will die but mine will last forever,Your love will fade but mine will last forever.Your feeling might go but mine will last forever.And though you’re gone you’re in my mind forever.
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Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics

Kinks – Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Nothing Lasts Forever lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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