She left a message after the tone,I hear it over and over on the answer phone.No one can find her, address unknown.She just decided to go out and make it alone.Solo, solo,My little child is going solo.Solo, solo,My little child is going solo.I feel like crying, I’m in a rage.I can’t understand why she just ran away.What made it happen, guess we’ll never know.She just decided to go out and make it solo.Solo, solo, solo, solo, solo.We work like dogs all of our lives,Like millions of other husbands and wives.Sent her through college, didn’t care what we spent.Think of how we feel,She didn’t say, she didn’t ask, she just went.Solo, solo,My little child, you’re going solo.It’s like a pattern, it’s like a crime,We see it happen time after time.You raise your children, you watch them grow,Then one day it’s good-bye, they’ve decided they’re going solo.Solo, solo, solo, solo, solo.The toys are forgotten, now it appears,You’ve let them down after all of these years.Sacrificed all, now there’s nothing to show,Ungrateful youth, decided you’re going solo.Solo, solo,My little child, you’re going solo.Solo, solo,Ungrateful youth, you’re going solo.The obligations, all of the ties,Have got to be broken so you can survive.Just because they gave you life, they can’t stop if you grow,Now they can’t hold you back ’cause you’re going solo
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Going Solo Lyrics

Kinks – Going Solo Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Going Solo lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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