It seems like all the world is fightingThey’re even talking of a warLet all the russians and the chineseAnd the spanish do their fightingThe sun is shiningWe’re going drivin’, drivin’Drop all your workLeave it behindForget all your problemsAnd get in my carAnd take a drive with meThe sandwiches are packedThe tea is in the flaskWe’ve plenty of beerAnd gooseberry tartsSo take a drive with meWe’ll take your mother if you want toWe’ll have a picnic on the grassForget your nephewsAnd your cousins and your brothers and your sistersThey’ll never miss us’cos we’ll be drivin’, drivin’. drivin’. drivin’Thousands of treesHundreds of fieldsMillions of birdsSo why don’t you comeAnd take a drive with meWe’ll talk to the cowsAnd laugh at the sheepWe’ll lie in a fieldAnd we’ll have a sleepSo take a drive with meAnd all the troubled world around usSeems an eternity awayAnd all the debt collectorsRent collectorsAll will be behind usBut they’ll never find us’cos we’ll be drivin’, drivin’, drivin’, drivin’Passed barnet churchUp to potters barWe won’t be home lateIt’s not very farSo take a drive with me, take a drive with meDrivin’, drivin’, drivin’, drivin’
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Drivin’ Lyrics

Kinks – Drivin’ Lyrics

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