Walking ’round this metropolisWith it’s buildings that reach to the cloudsThere must be millions of people out thereWalking ’round with their heads bowedThis city kills me, but it thrills meNow something’s gone and held up the crowdThey’re pointing at a man standing high on a ledgeAnd somebody just cried out loudDon’t look down at the people below, ohDon’t look downIt’s a long way to fall and I’d sure like to knowWhat made it happen, sure makes you thinkMust have been something specialTo send him to the brinkDown here on the sidewalk, he’s clearly in viewThen a voice shouts up to himTry thinking it through but whatever you doChorus:Don’t look downAt the people below, ohDon’t look down, things might start looking upYou just never knowHe’s heard the cries of the lunatics facing defeatThe cheers of the winnersWho are dancing in the streetPerhaps the crime and corruption finally got throughAnd the violence of the cityJust broke him in twoNow a voice from the queue shoutsChorusDon’t look down, don’t look downDown here on the sidewalkIt’s stopped all our livesPeople are talking instead of just walking byBefore this happened it was just another dayNow people are talking instead of walking awayNow we’re gripped by this tragedyOur blood starts to pump as we all shout togetherDon’t jump, don’t jumpChorusDon’t look down, we all shouted out, ohDon’t look downIt’s a long way to fall and I’d sure like to knowWhat made it happen, guess we’ll never knowNow the sun’s come outLooks like he’s standing on a rainbowHe’s in the heavens, I’m standing on the groundSaying don’t look down
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Don’t Lyrics

Kinks – Don’t Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Don’t lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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