Slow dancing in a disco,Standing underneath the light show,Illuminated by the artificial light.I disbelieved it at first sight,I couldn’t tell if she was black or white,It didn’t matter in the artificial light,Artificial light.Artificial light.Artificial light.Artificial light.First time I saw her she was easy to know,She had nothing to hide, she put it all out to show.She didn’t cover up or try to conceal,I knew the way that she felt ’cause her expression was real.She didn’t cover up the inside,She showed it all on the outside,Stark naked in the artificial light.Everybody gotta learn to relax,To be yourself you have to put on an act.Get together in the artificial light.And if I saw her in the light of day,I wouldn’t know what to say, I wouldn’t know what had happened.I only wanna know a world below,Where we can be ourselves beneath an artificial glow.And if you’re scared what your friend’ll say,And you’re embarrassed by the light of day,Get together in the artificial light.Everybody let yourself go,Everybody to a floor show,Get together in the artificial light.Artificial light,Artificial light,Artificial light,Artificial light.
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Artificial Light Lyrics

Kinks – Artificial Light Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Artificial Light lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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