Every morning the Sun goes up n' tells you:

"Just do it boy,
No matter what you're up to
I'm telling you just do it boy"

"I'll take care o' things up here
So you don't take the other way
I'm your captain relief, I give light
and I let you play"

"When I hear you giving the weep:
shine on me I won't compromize
Praying won't take you that deep
you need real eyes to realize:

It's that'smie on your face
that gives space and I hear you call

I'll give light in your eyes, make you shine, take you
to your goal"

Could it be so, that all the answers are there

All it takes is the peace to hear what it says

"Circumstances are something you just can't
avoid but it's that firest step you take and you're
on your way, boy
It's a question of faith will you keep going on
I'll give light on your way,
I'm the King, I'm the Sun"

"It's all just laws of nature, anyway
theirs, hers, ours,
yours, his as mine"

"Smile go on and smile"
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I'm The King, I'm The Sun Lyrics

Kingston Wall – I'm The King, I'm The Sun Lyrics