I'm walking in a foreign winter breeze
Don't think of home too much, it may just
Being me to my knees And I'm watching
People playing in a place they call their
Home And I can't remember when I ever
Felt so all alone So far from home If I have a
Dream in my life I dream I'm with you If I
Have a dream in my life for you When I was
Young I knew just what I'd do And so much
More than that has come in sharing life
With you And I take another step in the
Direction I must go And I feel the truth
Inside me it's the one thing that I know I
Know, I know If I have a dream in my life I
Dream it with you If I have a dream in my
Life I dream it will all fit together with you I
Know this is the way it has to be But it
Doesn't make it easier I can't just pay a fee
That will make pain go away So I accept it
For another day Our hope is deeper than the
Pain we often feel So we take these steps
Together as the hurt begins to heal And we
Know it is for real So we accept it for
Another day And suddenly I don't have to
Run I see the place where dreams and life
Become one And our paths run together
Trailing off in the sun Yes I have a dream in
My life I dream it with you Yes I have a
Dream in my life And you dream it too Yes
I have a dream in my life We both feel
It's true
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Dream In My Life Lyrics

King's X – Dream In My Life Lyrics

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