Give me a dollar or give me 50 cents
Let me take it back if that ain't what I meant
Give me a coat or give me a bite
Give me a light bulb and make sure it's bright
Give me the moon or give me everywhere
Give me some powder to spray up in the air

Let me take my thoughts away to think about another day
Remembering the times I pray to help me deal with me
To be the dogman

Give me some attention lend me your ear
Give me what to do and get me out of here
Give me a book give me something to read
Give me a horse race and give me who's the lead


All the sleeping never waking all the leaves in need of raking
All the business undertaking all my bones and muscles aching
Thoughts and mind are surely flaking over luncheons hands are shaking
Surety of no mistaking cars and horns and glass is breaking

Give me a color make it black or white
Give me a newspaper tell me if it's right
Give me a nail or give me a bat
Give me a skinny or give me a fat

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Dogman Lyrics

King's X – Dogman Lyrics