Sun is setting, silence is all you hear
David, getting really sick he is sweating like a pig
The fevers got him now and Sarah's father dear
The morning snack has put him on his back
He should have stayed in bed, oh why didn't he?
Sun is setting, silence is all you hear
Salem, what's going on?
Let me tell you a story, madame
A secret about your land
The reason for all this madness
Let me tell you a story, madame
The burial ground on your land
Is a secret voodoo stand
If you ever destroy this sacred place
Legend says that you will die and never find your rest
I'm telling the truth, oh yes, l am
Lafayette the living can't feed the dead
Then the dead will come for you, yeah
You better hold your tongue now, Salem
'Cause l don't believe in ghosts
There is only one thing left to do now
And that is sending of dead
The four shadows are meeting again
At the cemetery gates, darkness is a friend
Midnight will soon be here
Everything should be ready by now for sending of dead
Place the image of Saint Expedit
Upside down and around
I hear, Doctor Le Croix speaking
Let the ritual begin
Almighty God, father of mine, come for Sarah Lafayette
That she may be disappeared forever lost
Saint Expedit, you are a saint and I'm a sinner
I send you to find Sarah Lafayette
Oh, rid me of her head and rid me of her soul
Rid me of all her thoughts, rid me of her memory
For this curse to work, Baron Samedi, Samedi, Samedi
Send your blessing, so Sarah may be gone
As if he was sent from the sky
Baron Samedi creeps inside
The doctor's body, speaking to Salem
You must bring me a sacrifice
You must come back before midnight
Kneel before my cross, Salem is there
He takes a handful of soil from each grave
Of the dead he wants to send into Sarah
Now quick, quick run back to the house
The soil must lie where Sarah sleeps
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Sending Of Dead Lyrics

King Diamond – Sending Of Dead Lyrics