Poor you, life is like shooting in the dark
Oh, never had a fair shot
You was angry, heard you was less
Could never mount to much
So your head is high but inside, your spirit's low
Poor you, blame all you want but it's up to you
You can stay or you can move 'cause it's freewill
Be strong enough to do what you wanna do
Or in the end, you're only a loser and you lose
Pull deep, one step at a time moves you closer to
Anything you wanna do, it's so hard I know
But you should try 'cause if you don't
You lose and they've won
And in the end you're still just a loser
And you lost, don't be hanging 'round
Waiting placing blame, they can't feel your pain
Get your own, no matter what you say
Your fault if you stay, now, they won, yeah, hey, yeah
You chose to stay
Now, my friend, you're just a
Loser today, loser today
Win, try to win, win
You don't have to be a loser
Win, you don't have to
Try to win, you don't have to be a loser
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Loser Lyrics

Kina – Loser Lyrics