I want you to take my hand in yours.
I want you to wrap your arms around me.
I want you to hold me close.
I want you to press your lips against mine and kiss me like you mean it.
I want you to tell me that you love me.
I want you to never let me go.
I don't want you to leave, don't leave me hanging here, don't wanna watch you walk away like you have so many times before, don't want you to hurt me anymore.
Everyones telling me, screaming in my ears that your no good. Guess I shouldve believed them, but instead I took you back like I have so many times before. You've made me scared of love, scared to try, scared to go on with my life, but somethings telling me it's time to let you go.
So I don't want your hand near mine.
I don't want your arms around me.
I don't want you to hold me close.
I don't want your lips agaist mine.
I don't wanna hear the I love you's cause I know it ain't true.
I want you to let me go.
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I Want Lyrics

Kimberly – I Want Lyrics

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