featuring Holocaust

[ chorus: Holocaust ]

This is doomsday for MCs with hollow skills

Who talk about clothing articles and dollar bills

And fake ass fives that they don't even drive

Hip hop is war and only strong MCs will survive

( 2x )

[ Holocaust ]

Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters

Juggernot on the block lash shots at armed retreaters

Why teach it to the utmost unified?

Fuck coast, conquered galaxies leaving the banner ruthless cut throats

Brains explode, bloddy spatters on the road

My thoughts unfold and strip away the nutrients of your soul

Hearts cold, blast shots through your nosehole

I'm hostile, the slugs ricochet through your nostril

Strike your tonsils

Black kid, creep between walls like an arachnid

Smash hits that open you like bullets wit glass tips

Kill braid, the black sea serpent who swallow ships

My fists become glocks and my knuckles hollow tips

P loopbart the dirt, and raise dead soldiers wit a curse

Bury thieves wit no headstones so they get back to the earth

Still shinin, I'm the sun, wars increase by the ton

Hands metamorph into axes, fuck guns, shot out your lungs

Yo, yo

[ chorus ] ( 2x )

[ P.R. Terrorist ]

Yo, yo, yo

We may bomb this, we seem harmless, check the calmest

My palm hits like a close fist, breakin jauntis

You crab ass try to think fast you slow down

All six got trey pounds, its thirty six rounds

The pristeen, unheard, unseen, the A team

Murder being provoked face the red beam

Street hop, excite bike triple my smoke screen

Sped fast, five hundred crabs have fled the crime scene

Out of state, switch the plates, Canib on run dunn

Sped fast, rub on the gas, they're comin fast

On they ninja bike, Kawasaki tights a two key prototype

Sure we still got height, then I made a right

Hit the brake, threw a head fake, last the clutch, I'm out of state

Full speed ahead never look back always escape

[ chorus ] ( 2x )

[ Beretta 9 ]

Layin in the dark war trench

Covered in mud strong corpse stench

Monkey wrench, adjusting my mic, fatigues drenched

From soldiers insides, scriptures hidden up in my archives

Dodge and throw knives hand to hand combat takin lives

Many lost, many took it wit force

Some linger wit the disease

Born infection known as the bee stinger

Its doomsday you rap singers

Mockingbirds marking my words

This shit is war up in the terrorist arena

[ chorus ] ( 2x )

This is Doomsday
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Doomsday Lyrics

Killarmy – Doomsday Lyrics