Another day like this will kill me
Here's to hope when will you thrill me
Please decide what you all want

I tried to recognise all the signals
That say alive
Signals that have gotten to me

I dream of bridges always broken
Cut my tongue I'm too outspoken
Pull my hair until I can't breathe

If all the world is out to get me
I'll be here ready waiting
If all the world is out to get me

A house with blood willa lways freeze me
Kill me as a missionary
Keep me going
Keep me going

Please don't try to tell me different
I know better than to differ
How much more can I take

Another line might see me through
This awful faze that I've been through
Counting chickens seems to help me

All the world
Yeah yeah yeah
All the world
Can't you see
What you mean to me
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All The World Lyrics

Kill The Young – All The World Lyrics