Well fire it up
Chop one out
Somebodys got to know
That I'm two days in
I got two days left to go
Cause i'am georgia
I am memphis tennesee
I am everything
Hollywood wants to be
I'am love and i'am hate
I'm your late night drunk debate
But you'll never put
Your finger on me

Have you ever seen the sun
Over the rocky mountains shinin
Or touched the sands
Of a southern florida beach
Have you seen a grown man cry
Or a child that's slowly dying
Have you looked inside
To see al that you can see
And i'am north and south dekota
And new york city
I'am everything hollywood wants
To be
I am love an I am hate
And all the crtics can debate
But they will never put a finger
On me
No you'll never put a finger on

Have you seen the nothern falls
Or the midwest seasons changing
A montana storm
Or a warm kentucky rain
Have you heard the love that sings
Over the inner city sidewalks
Have you risen above
All that leads to hate

And I am boston and D. C.
And all of detroit city
I am everything
That hollywood wants to be
I am southern rock-n-roll
Country and hip hop soul
And you'll never put a finger on me
I'm a father and and I'm a friend
I'm your brother till the end
But you'll never put your finger on me
I am only God knows why
Ill be a cowboy till I die
But you'll never put you
Finger on me
Youll never put your finger on me
Youll never put
Youll never put
Put your finger on me
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I Am Lyrics

Kid Rock – I Am Lyrics

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