There was a time when everything was alright
Between the lines we're losing all our sunshine
All that I know
Is that everything goes
Gotta hold onto the things that we need the most
That's you and me, You gotta believe
That we never will last if we live in the past

[Chorus]The times they are a-changing
World caught up in the crazies
While the world's busy fighting
We'll be out there, Kicking daisies

Gone are the days that now we gotta fight through
Give it away, you'll find happiness inside you
I've figured it out, What it's all about
And nobody's perfect, We live in a mystery
Don't have to agree, If we hold the key
To the truth we all love, and the love from above


Running in circles
Chasing our shadows
Falling down endlessly

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Kicking Daisies Lyrics

Kicking Daisies – Kicking Daisies Lyrics

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