I bow when I want To,
I do What aFuck I want Til-the day I diee...
So BitcheZ watch Up 'cause *Scheniqva* is in da G-Spoot all night,
Til- I Stoop To Fuck..
So Fuck YA All Hoe's ,
Gett Down on Ya knes Niggaz N lett me see What Ya MoMa have Teatch ya All..
How To sadiesFied a G-Biatch Like Me the rest Of ya Life ..

Lissen Up All This Is What Scheniqva Is all about..
Whit The Boody,eays , The Look I Â'Make ya All NiggaÂ'h Dickes Fight!
Yaoo Hold UP, Say What ?? Ohh aiight !!
You want it , To ya Sheak n Come Nigga or What ?....
Scheniqva Is da Chick we call A Bitch,
Whit some Weed n aLife like Shiit.
I Will Surviov, But Not have Time..
So don't Worry , But Niggahz you Gott To Hurry..
'cause I Gott Some PimpS wating 4 Me,
So Be On ya Way , N make Me Yours....
Living My Life whit my dawgs.
Fucking Around , bowing Â'nÂ'Smoking ,
BUt NEver don't GIve a FUCK!!!
IÂ'm Walking down the streets .
Looking around , N wondring WAZzUPp whit This Thugs On this Time,..?!!
I see A Playa Gett Playd,
See a Hoe Gett FuckÂ't ,
See The Pimps Want a Hook..
Looking at My Dawgs who is Smooking n Never StoopÂ's ...
LafinG at The WannabeÂ's ..
LOoking at Young People Growing Up Whit This Shiit..
What A Fuck Is This ??
Aiight Now I gett It , We Just Living a Fucked UP Life !!!

*******************part 2************
Yaoo Bitch stoop whit yá Game,
Baby you kick where-ever you goo.
Gett a Life Bitch,
Stoop Bowing whit my dawgs aiight'?!!!!
And don't Goo Crazy Whit all Ya FeakÂ'e Buut ...
'cause baby I can Really Hoot ..
Sheaking ya Azz,4-every thug you see,
Thinking you can Gett all you need,
Playing uss apart, Â'Â'N don't have no Shame aiight ?!!!
GeTt out off my head nÂ' Stoop Fucking Around ...
---Baby Boo, you know I Want you ..
I love You , N you are taking My Heart Boo,
You know I Only WanT you ,,
But That Dosent Matter 4-You..
I Goo CraZy every-Time I Think Off You ,
ThatÂ's Why I Bow Whit You .
I love YOu, N I Swear that's The True ,
So Pelas Say you do 2!!!!!

Aiight I belive you, But tell me , why you didnÂ't Tell me This Part before Girl,
But Lissen you wanÂ'T me all-night To ya end Off Life,
Sorry But ItÂ's To Leath ,'cause I allready gott a Baby In my Heart.
Everytime You did Hold Me Upp,
You told me you didnÂ't Give a Fuck,
N Â' I didnÂ't know what you where all about ..
Bowing Like That Whit ya Feat Ass,
Bitch now you are doing Your Crazy Akt,
So donÂ't Tell me All That ..
---- BOy you do Blow me away ,
A crazy Thug Like You ,
I should Undersand But baby whit that akt,
I think you just trying to have a Fakt,
I wanÂ't You nÂ' that's A Old Fakt ,
I canÂ't Forgett You n ThatÂ's a True Akt ..
Alll the Sweet Things you told me...
DonÂ't Tell me It was a Thug Break,
Baby IÂ'm Getting Crazy Whiout You n that's No Fucking Trak...
You need To be In my Life aiight ?+!!
'cause you and Me where Apart Frome The START..
You canÂ't deenie That, 'cause ThatÂ's What we where all-about ..
So Peals Baby Tell me , You Will take Me BAck...

Carzy Bitch,Like I said , I don't Give a Fuck..
So don't Give Me all That..
'cause you don't Fucking Know How To akt,
I living My Life Whit My Dawgs Aiight ..
Thuging my part Like a Real GanGzta Should Riight ..
Gett Your Feak Ass , N Sheak It MotherFucking APart.
'cause Bitch you don't Have a Life neveha Fogett Ya , AIiight??

Peace out yaoo !!!

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Taz Ii (Skit) Lyrics

Khia – Taz Ii (Skit) Lyrics